Is a Wireless Driveway Security Alarm Right For You?


Many people want to enhance their home and property security. A driveway alarm system is an excellent way to heighten the security level of your property.

Wireless driveway security alarm systems are another layer of security for your home. In the minds of many people,Guest Posting the earlier the warning of a paving contractors dublin possible intruder, the better. These systems put the alarm at the point of entry onto your property – your driveway. Of course, they are good not just as warning of potential intruder, but as an alert for expected visitors or deliveries as well.

The system is typically comprised of three components: the sensors, transmitter, and receiver. The sensors detect the presence of a vehicle entering the property. It sends a signal to the transmitter which in turn sends a message to the receiver that then provides an alert to notify you.

The sensors may use a variety of technologies. One is the infrared sensor that detects radiated heat. These are also found in many in house home security systems. Another is a motion sensor. Of course, being outside there are many things that move and could produce a false alarm. These must be configured so as to not be triggered by small animals, passing vehicles, or the wind causing trees or shrubs to move. Another type of sensor detects metal (similar to the sensors in roadways that trigger traffic lights). These require the installation of a probe and cable, either in the yard near the driveway, or in the driveway itself.

One important concern to have in mind when considering a system for wireless driveway security is the distance between the transmitter and receiver. Different systems will have different ranges. Be sure to acquire a system that will cover an ample range. Keep in mind also that at some point adjustments may need to be made and transmitters moved. Having more than enough range to allow for relocation is wise.